Kapp-Putsch in Kiel (March 1920) - here you'll find the following information:

  • Interview with an important contemporary witness: Otto Preßler >>
  • CV Otto Preßler >>
  • Additional contemporary witnesses' reports (Riedl, Bredenbeck, ...) >>
  • Scientific publications, documents and evaluations on the Kapp-Putsch in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein >>
  • Documentary film: "Kapp-Putsch in Kiel, März (March) 1920" >>
  • Timeline including photos and documents >>


A summarizing description of those eventful days of the Kapp-Putsch in Kiel you will find on the pages of the Schleswig-Holstein museum (German) >>

Article from the Stern magazine (12/1970) by Gerd Gründler and Arnim v. Manikowsky, examining also especially the northern German situation (German) >>

Interesting documents and background materials are also offered by the Deutsche Historische Museum and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

The virtual museum of the Schleswig-Holsteinisch-Danish border region (www.vimu.info) offers specific didactics regarding the topic revolution in Germany as pdf-file (German or Danish): >>

  • Interview with Otto Preßler >>
  • CV Otto Preßler >>
  • Further contemporary witnesses >>
  • Documents Kapp-Putsch in Kiel and S-H >>
  • Photo-Video project "Kapp-Putsch in Kiel" >>