Virtual Sightseeing Tour "Kiel Mutiny" Nov. 1918

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Nr. 03: Armed clash between demonstrators and military on 3 November 1918

At the raod junction Karlstraße (no more visinble in todays Kiel because of a street redesign after WW II), Langer Segen and Brunswiker Straße Sub-lieutenant Steinhäuser ordered his troup to shoot at the demonstrators, who wanted to advance to the military prison (Arrestanstalt). Also some demaonstrators shot back. Seven were left dead and 29 injured, out of these two died later on.


Present day map Former map

Größere Kartenansicht
Stadtplan historisch
Present view Former view
Foto Plastik 2007 Foto Hoffnung 1905
A plaque sponsored by the Arbeiterwohlfahrt and created by Hilger Schmitz in 1994 at the road junction Feldstraße - Langer Segen commemorates the event. (Photo K. Kuhl, 2007) Photo from an exhibition at the Warleberger Hof, Kiel, Oktober 2007: „Die Hoffnung“ at the corner Karlstraße around 1905. The view is from the Muhliusstraße crossing the Brunswiker Straße into the Karlstraße.

Explanations of the events:
Narrations from contemporary witnesses and other reports can be read here >>


Not far away, in the Ratsdienergarten (Jensendamm corner Dänische Straße) 1978-1982 the monument 'Wik' was errected by Hans-Jürgen Breuste, commisioned by the City of Kiel. The sculpture made of weathering steel reminds passers-by of the Kiel mutiny (sailors rebellion) in 1918.

A presentation of the political conflicts over the memorial construction and interpretations of the artwork can be found eg in:
Rudolf Jaworski, Witold Molik (Hrsg.), Denkmäler in Kiel und Posen, Parallelen und Kontraste. Ludwig Verlag, Kiel 2002, and in
Colmorgen, E. & Liesching, B., Ein Denkmal der Novemberrevolution 1918 in Kiel, 1988, zugänglich unter: >>

Photo: Wikipedia


The virtual sightseeing tour at a glance:

  1. Holtenau viaduct and locks >>
  2. Large drillground (Großer Exerzierplatz) >>
  3. Karlstraße / Langer Segen >>
  4. Torpedo workshop Friedrichsort, Germania shipyard Kiel-Gaarden >>
  5. Barracks (Kasernen) in Kiel-Wik >>
  6. Marinestation Ostsee >>
  7. Arrestanstalt (military prison >>
  8. Trade union house (Gewerkschaftshaus) >>
  9. Town hall (Rathaus) >>
  10. "Schloßhof" >>
  11. Station (Bahnhof) >>
  12. Graves of the killed revolutionaries and soldiers >>

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