Family tree Kuhl

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    Jacob, Friedrich KUHL

    * vermtl. probably ca 1820

    + vermtl. probably ca 1880

    Schiffszimmerergeselle, ships carpenter

    Dorf village Sandweg / Danzig

    Verh. m. married to Julianne DEEGLER



    C(K)arl, Friedrich, Jacob KUHL

    * 26.3.1847 ev.

    + ca. 1923

    Arbeiter worker in den Holzfeldern Bürgerwiesen

    Danzig Kneipab ?, Dorf Sandweg

    Verh. m. married to Emilie Henriette DAHMS

    Vier Kinder four children (Friedrich, Otto, Karl, Johanna)


    Ältester Sohn/Eldest Son:


    Friedrich, Wilhelm, Carl KUHL

    * 4.8.1883 ev.

    + 25.4.1965 in Voerde

    ships carpenter

    Heubude, Danzig, Rostock

    verh. m. married to Maria, Johanna CORNELS

    fünf Kinder five children (Otto, Kurt, Herbert, Johanna, Eva)

    Grosseltern grandparents

    His brother Otto KUHL was a trained carpenter and had his own small enterprise. When the NAZIs came to power, he got no more public orders, because he refused to become a party member. He closed his company and was sent to Bremerhaven, where he had to work for the navy. At the end of the war he was in Danzig again. The Russians treated him as a capitalist, because he was selfemployed earlier on, and he had to clean latrines. Thereby he got a carbuncle at his neck and died.

    Ältester Sohn/Eldest Son:

    Otto, Friedrich, Karl KUHL

    * 8.2.1911 ev.

    + 13.2.1975

    Zimmermann, carpenter, Hochbauingenieur, construction engineer

    Danzig, Magdeburg, Aurich, Emden

    verh. m. married to Ella, Meta VOSS

    drei Kinder three children (Otto, Uwe, Klaus)

    Eltern, parents

    Also related to our family from Danzig and surroundings are:

    Dahms, Valendi, Bohl, Schubert, Rechmann
    Philip(p)sen, Klingenberg, Stoermer, Biedrich, Hand






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