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Data protection

Under the EU Data Protection Regulation, which came into force on 25 May 2018, we commit ourselves to transparency regarding the use and safekeeping of your data. Relevant for data protection issues are hints and inquiries you address to us as well as a website search via (search window bottom left).

1. Inquiries by e-mail or via web form:
For more complex references and inquiries, which may require a search on our part, we save your request on our computer. If there is any possibility that we may find new hints, which could be relevant to your request in some time (up to several years), we will leave your request and our answers on our computer for up to 10 years. The computer is connected to the Internet only during normal working hours and is protected by anti-virus programmes and a firewall. The filing usually takes place in Word format. The deletion occurs as part of regular back-ups of the computer data.
If you object to a storage of your request, it will not be saved on our computer. Should you later disagree, it will be deleted.
Upon request, your suggestions or your inquiries will be forwarded to other research centers (eg to the city archive). If necessary, you will be asked for permission.

2. Research on our website using the search window of
We receive a weekly and monthly report from FreeFind on which keywords have been searched. However, we do not receive any information from whom or from which computer the search was performed. There is no storage of this data.

Update: 25 Mai 2018

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